Born in 1963 in Burlington, Vermont, Brian spent most of his childhood in Franklin, New Hampshire. A small town in a scenic river valley, Franklin had long, snowy, and cold winters. Despite the harsh winter weather, the weekends would often find him backpacking in the White Mountains to the north with a high school friend. It was also during his high school years that Brian began to explore his artistic abilities.
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Art 4 You Too

After graduating in 1981, Brian moved to Phoenix, Arizona in the summer of 1983. He then entered the army where he spent the next two years in Mannheim, Germany as a truck driver. This allowed him to travel and see most of Europe before returning to Arizona in 1986. He then trained and worked as a graphic artist for a short period of time. This would be the closest thing to working as an artist that he would see for some time.

After realizing that graphic art was not for him, Brian then started what would become a ten plus year career as a pipefitter in heavy construction. During this time he took a five and a half month hike along the Appalachian Trail, reuniting him with his beloved White Mountains. He also bought a house, earned a second degree black belt, traveled to Venezuela, learned Spanish, got a BA in bilingual elementary education, and got married. He also created some artwork along the way, but pieces were few and far between.

In 2000, Brian and his wife Adrienne moved to Alabama and opened up a small Southwestern gift shop. Adrienne ran the store while Brian got a teaching job. At the end of the school year, and just over a year after moving to the South, they moved back to Arizona. Brian had all but abandoned his artwork by now.

Realizing that teaching, like graphic art, was not for him, Brian teamed up with his brother Tom and started a residential remodeling company. During the next nine years, Brian would work as an artist of sorts. He would do numerous decorative painting projects, Venetian plaster, and other faux finishes. Although it wasn't the type of art that he had always dreamed of doing, this time in the business allowed him to create and got his juices flowing again. He also began to work on other art pieces again as well. This is when Brian then began to formulate his plan.

With a slowdown in the economy and his brother’s decision to take a six month leave of absence to hike the Appalachian Trail himself, Brian saw his chance. It was his time to launch his art career. He was ready to take the ideas that had been hiding away in his head for years and turn them into reality. He started Art 4 You Too. It would become his avenue of expression; his creative release; and his newest career.

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